Welcome to the Heraia Project
The Heraia project is a free (GPL) hexadecimal file editor. It is based on the GtkHex Widget from Ghex project.

This project is developed since 2005. Please report bugs. There are already some nice features :

- Various interpretation of data (byte, int, dates (dos, filetime, hfs ...), floats, BCD, ...)
- undo / redo
- copy / cut / paste / delete
- search
- search and replace
- search data from type
- loading files and saving them
- plugin system
- graphical analysis (stat plugin)

A large number of features are still planned in order to facilitate file analysis :

- Template creation
- Use of template
- Advanced search capabilities

Dowload here a version of the current code.

There is some mailing lists :

mailing lists has moved to the gna.org web site

There is also an irc channel :
irc.oftc.net, channel #heraia

Heraia is even on Facebook !

Developers interested in helping the project can join the development team at the gna.org web site

Logo and web site by gretsim AT yahoo DOT com